• The facts you can't see

    in your field of view.

  • Based on Science with

    Power of Nature.

  • Nothing is as

    deceiving as it

    obviously seems.

Nothing is as
deceiving as it obviously seems...

We provide a set of services that can meet all needs in risk and loss management processes for insurance sector and business world. Our experts on root cause analysis and business partners such as academicians, professors, lawyers, loss adjusters, and consultants reveal the causes and consequences of each incident in a transparent manner with all the justifications based on scientific data reached through an in-depth examination.

Each and every loss begins with a rule of law, and ends with a rule of law... We are focused on the optimum results based on rules of law through transparent management approach. We provide interpretation of reports issued by technical experts into the language of insurance and law. Owing to the flexible setup and wide range of field of activities, we offer rational, scientific and technical solutions to problems that cannot be overcome.


To make science more accessible and to change the perspective
of the sector as an international focus of trust.


To present all events to the parties in the most transparent
way acting in line with intelligence and science.


  • Transparency


  • Science and Intelligence

    Science and Intelligence

  • Innovation


  • AhMoralityak


  • Impartiality


Our way of thinking and working shape our values.
Managing the processes with a completely transparent and moral approach; the light of
science and intelligence is always reflected in the work we finalize.

Field of Activity

Root Cause Analysis
Root Cause

"Nothing is as deceiving as it obviously seems..."
The root (main) cause might not always be what it seems. Our experts on root cause analysis act with this motto and identify the underlying root causes through scientific studies.
The root causes of losses are the indispensable 'root' steps of accurate process management. Seeing that the root cause analysis requires significant expertise, necessary studies are carried out with academicians, who are experts in related subjects. IGC knows quite well which areas of expertise would be used for which problem and provides interpretation of these analyses into the language of insurance and law.

Recourse Assessment and Analysis
Assessment and

Determination of the root cause also allows identifying the responsible party in the occurrence of a loss. Thus, possibilities of recourse are identified through eliminating the victimization over the right channels. Following the determination of the recourse addressee, the necessary legal follow-up is carried out by business partner lawyers. Root cause – recourse determination and recourse process management for the insurance sector and business world are rendered by professional experts as a set of service.

Legal Process Monitoring
Legal Process

"Each and every loss begins with a rule of law and ends with a rule of law..." IGC can follow up and finalize the process in accordance with local provisions of law via its (expert) lawyers, who are business partners. Its expert lawyers express their opinions through evaluations and guidance in accordance with local laws and regulations prior to, in the course of or following a loss and provides the optimum results by monitoring the legal process.

Risk Analysis / Policy Architecture
Risk Analysis

Provides survey / risk analysis and policy architecture services for each sector with its expert business partners. Identifies risks and needs through Survey and Risk Analysis studies. Insurance is a part of Risk Management. Following the analysis, IGC determines the coverage groups appropriate for the sector and the line of business and clauses applied globally, and forms the optimum policy architecture. With this aspect, it contributes to risk management in every respect.

Loss Process Monitoring
Loss Process

"IGC has set up its field of activity outside the scope of Law no. 5684. It is not an adjusting company...!", Is fact-oriented consultancy. It offers a transparent service network with business partners for the scientific studies needed in loss management process.

Risk Analysis After Losses
Risk Analysis
After Losses

Unlike the Standard Risk Analysis studies, it evaluates the impact of a loss on the risk and the probability of recurrence following a loss and provides risk mitigation suggestions for coverage providers to make easier decisions as well as coverage seekers to find what they need more easily.

Our Partners

IGC provides insurance consultancy service by accurately setting up risk and loss management processes. Our goal is to improve the business of our customers. Therefore, we act on the basis of transparency and reliability. As a partner that has all the requirements that can meet all needs in the risk and loss management processes for the insurance and business sector, we strive to create business models for emerging risks and to bring these models anywhere in the world.
We provide process optimization with transparent information transfer all over the world, both inland and abroad, with a network of diverse fields of expertise, including universities, loss adjusters, lawyers, risk engineers, forensic experts, certified public accountants, technocity institutions and expert engineers. Our team works to eliminate problems in the insurance industry in many countries by providing primary insurance consultancy to the customers who places reliance on us.

Social Responsibility

The actual economic efficiency is realized through the efficient use of natural resources. In line with our activities, we support environmental, economic and cultural development in social responsibility projects. Education is the basis of IGC's social responsibility projects, owing to opinion that individuals whose development, creativity and productivity are supported will be sensitive and beneficial citizens to the society and the world.

While IGC continues to support non-governmental organizations and various projects, it also conducts regular trainings to ensure that all partners and employees act within the framework of social responsibility.

Social Responsibility


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